3D printed D&D Skull Dice tray


Item will be custom printed at time of order. Please allow 2-3 days for printing. You will receive a shipping notification once your item is prepped for shipping. All items will be wrapped in bubble wrap and packing peanuts to ensure safe delivery. When extracting your item from the box, cut the tape DO NOT attempt to unwrap the item or you will damage it! This model is printed from matte PLA and is painted unless otherwise specified or shown unpainted in product photos.

3D printed D&D Skull Dice tray perfect for D&D game nights or for family game night for use with any board game. 3D printed D&D Skull Dice tray is printed from standard Overture PLA matte Filament in our workshop. It is modeled in white and is painted. This is a great piece to display on a shelf or in a diorama. This 3D Printed VW Beetle is 5 inches long.

Awesome 3D printed models including Star Wars, Star Trek, Monsterverse, Pokemon & more from from Munch’s 3D printing store. Realistic looking 3D printed models using 1.75mm Overture PLA Filament modeled in white for display as is or easy painting. Get your Star Trek, Star Wars, MonsterVerse, Pokemon, Marvel and other models from Munch’s 3D printing store. More Sci-Fi models coming soon, keep watching our store for more listings. More Dice Trays, Dice holders, Dice Towers, Klingon, Romulan, Federation, Rebel and Empire ships and models coming soon!

3d printed DND Skull Dice Tray and Dice Holder

Why 3D Printed models from Munch’s 3D printing?

Were fellow Sci-Fi nuts, Star Wars and Star Trek fanatics just like you. We love bringing these iconic ships, figures and models to life in our 3D printer workshop. We find the best 3d models out there then slice them in our 3d printer software and custom them to order for fellow fans like you. So whether you are are a DND Gamer, Dice Gamer, Trekkie, a Star Wars fan aligned with the Rebellion or even the Empire, we’ve got your fix here at Munch’s 3D printing workshop. We are also in the MonsterVerse and can print your favorite MonsterVerse characters such as Godzilla, MechaGodzilla, King Kong and more. We also print Marvel, Pokemon and more! So check us out and make us your hookup for your table top gaming or your Sci-Fi collection!

3D printed D&D Skull Dice tray to your collection!

Get your own 3D printed D&D Skull Dice tray for all your gaming needs! Maybe add another dice holder to your collection. We print our cars at 100% infill to make them strong and durable. Gives enough room to roll without hogging the table. Great as a personal tray or a shared tray. Not only is this a great dice rolling tray, but it also is great for staging dice, storing game pieces… or just giving a safe place to put your keys. Great gift for any nerd or friend who plays tabletop games. Are you a fan of the D&D series or know someone who is? Then don’t waste a second longer and grab a Dice tray from the 3D printing experts at Munch’s 3D printing!

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 6 in
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