Your one stop shop for custom 3D printing. We 3D print Star wars ships, 3D printed Godzilla figurines , 3D print Star Trek Ships, and 3D printed Pokemon figures. Everything from 1960’s to 2014 Godzilla, Umbreon Pokemon 3d printed, painted and ready to add to your Sci-Fi collection. If it exists and has a 3d file, then chances are that here at Munch’s3d printing, we can custom 3D print it for you and ship it to you direct!

All of our models are custom 3D printed in our workshop using Creality Ender 3 printers. We use standard 1.75mm matte PLA to insure that models can easily be painted to match their appearance. Whether you are into Marvel or are looking for cosplay items, we can hook up you. If you don’t see something you’re looking for in our shop, be sure to drop us a line to see if we can handle your custom 3d printing needs!

custom 3d printed 3D Detective Pikachu

Why use Munch’s 3d printing?

Simply stated, we’re fellow Star Wars junkies, Trekkies an Marvel fanatics! Just like every typical Sci-Fi and Anime enthusiast, we know these products have to look close to the real thing. And if we paint it, chances are we’re gonna make it look like the real thing! We’re Monsterverse, Star Wars and Star Trek nuts for as long as we can remember, so that means we’re fans too! And that means we print it like we want it and make sure that you get that same quality. Looking for 3D printed Captain America items, 3D printed Star wars models, 3d printed Squirtle, or custom 3D printed keychains? We do it all! MechaGodzilla 3D printed, 3D printed Godzilla and 3D printed Pokemon figures all reside here! Your one stop shop for custom 3D printing!

Custom 3D printing and done right

We try to make sure that everything we custom 3D print is high quality and looks right. Firstly, that’s the key because if it doesn’t look like the real thing, then its not good enough! I mean who wants a Pikachu that doesn’t look like a Pikauchu should, or a Starship Enterprise with sagging nacelles? Above all, We love the items we print just as much as you do and that means they gonna look the way we would want them to look too!

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